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Richard Collins

Managing Director & Co Founder

Originally a design engineer, Richard has clocked up over 10 years’ experience as an executive level recruiter within public sector procurement and commercial management. Through his trademark ‘trust-centric’ approach to recruitment, Rich has built a loyal base of clients with whom Insight now work closely.

Career highlights include attending global ‘high flyer’ events in consecutive years, and personally generating over £400k per annum income at two separate companies. In addition, he also thrives on building teams and leading them to success.

Before starting a family, Rich was an avid adventurer and travelled all over Europe rock climbing and riding motorbikes. He loves extreme sports, but now prefers to avoid life-threatening hobbies to ensure he survives long enough to see his daughters grow up!

His gift for making calculated risks pay off translated into his work, and after building his first successful business with a large corporate recruitment company, Rich left it all behind to travel the world with his fiancé.

They spent a year experiencing the wonders of different cultures across Asia, and married in Thailand. While in India, Rich got involved with an Animal Rescue charity and became a founding Trustee of an animal rescue charity supporting Asia’s animals.

Back in England, Rich built a second incredibly successful business from scratch, before setting up a brand new procurement recruitment business for management consultancy Green & Kassab. A born leader who rebels against authority, Rich takes great pride in leading Insight as a consultative and inclusive organisation, which treats all staff equally.

Nick White

Commercial Director & Co-Founder

IEG Director and co-founder Nick specialises in executive recruitment within the property and asset management sectors. In addition to recruiting excellent candidates for our clients, he has also recruited several of Insight’s own team members. His extensive experience spans a range of commercial and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas.
When he’s not busy running the company’s commercial stance, Nick can be found practising Jujitsu, or supporting Brighton and Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium. A keen sportsman, Nick won a soccer scholarship to Tyler Junior College, Texas, and studied sports science before switching focus and becoming a recruiter. His team finished third in the USA’s National Soccer Championships.
Nick’s enthusiasm for competitive team sports has translated into his corporate career, forging him into a dedicated team player who is highly invested in building Insight’s own executive team. He’s passionate about creating the perfect culture within Insight, and cares deeply for each and every member of the IEG team. He’s also driven to help every member of the team reach their goals, and retains a healthy competitive streak!

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